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Precautions and prevention of infections with Covid-19, (Corona virus) in our dental center.

pancarte covid prevention dentiste
Upon your arrival, we will guide and accompany you throughout your visit, until your departure, to ensure that all infection prevention measures are respected.


Here are available the Covid-19 forms.

Preventive measures

for the safety of our patients and our team

Your collaboration is greatly appreciated

Wear the face cover upon arrival

Wash your hands with the disinfectant provided at the entrance

Keep a distance from people in the clinic

Fill out the form at reception

Bring as little personal effects as possible with you.



Does the Matthieu Ménard Dental Center meet all the new public health requirements to ensure the safety of our patients and employees?


Yes, we meetall recent requirements of the
of Dentists of Quebec and Public health.
For a dentist, infection prevention is a normal reflex in his profession.


I’m afraid to go back to the dentist because of Covid-19, what to do?


Contact us
We will answer all your questions in order to enlighten you on the precautions we take to protect you, and our team.

New procedures

  • Covid form duly completed on the same day as your visit
  • Remote temperature measurement using a digital non-contact infrared thermometer


Our waiting room allows us to welcome you by ensuring a safe distance between our patients.
We have installed tablets on the floor to indicate the distance to maintain with people walking around the clinic.


In addition to the usual sterilization and disinfection, for each patient, we take all the necessary precautions to disinfect the rooms, from the chair to the lamp.

We will clearly notify you of any changes and actions taken.

  • Individual protection equipment
  • Visor or goggles with side protection
  • Different sterile protective gown for each patient


Aeration – Airborne aerosols

  • Improved ventilation system for faster air removal
  • Isolated, separate and even soundproof rooms and rooms


We recommend contactless payment. However, we guarantee that the terminal for card payment will be disinfected between each transaction.


We have renovated our dental center to improve the quality of our services.

We have also taken the opportunity to greatly improve the safety of our patients and employees.

Have we increased our rates following the renovations?
We continue to serve our patients with the same honesty, following the rates of the Quebec dental care grid.